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Sexe: Homme
Age: 31
Membre depuis: 2010-12-4


sonik - 2010-12-16


Lilkrayziiee - 2011-1-23


Frimeur - 2011-5-3

I went to sorel last week and saw a fat idiot walking down the street... probably one of your friend... I've almost hit him up with my car.. sadly, i missed him. Na mean?

Frimeur - 2011-5-5

I don't hate you. I'm full of love. You're a funny guy. On pourrait se rejoindre à Bernard-Gariepy pour manger un hot-dog? Na mean? :) How's your mother?

Frimeur - 2011-5-6

Com'on man.. fait pas ton farouche... t'es beaucoup moins agressif d'habitude!? HA! HA! V8

Frimeur - 2011-5-10

Let's do a featuring? I'm kind of a great caracter too!

atoomik819 - 2011-8-3

Good Pub!!