Milli Millz - Scrapbook of a legend

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01-Victory Lap
02-Burn it down (Prod by T-nyce)
03-The bridge ft Kt (prod by Kt)
04-Kevin Garnett/Inspiration (prod by Dev)
05-Insomnia (prod by Ghost)
07-Praise the Lord (prod by Deli)
08-Hands on the Wheel
09-Day before the Deal/interlude (prod by Alex L)
10-In these Reeboks ( prod by Alex L)
11-Large on the streets
12-Illusions ft Avery storm (prod by I-notchz)
13-Breathe (prod by S.R.H)
14-Hello x Noah Maze (prod by Megaman)
15-Bad chick ft Treh Lamonte (prod by Deli)
16-Hallelujah (prod by Joka)
19-Amsterdam **bonus


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