End Of the Weak Montréal

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01-WARRIOR ANTHEM – Monk.E, Mas Law, Mans1, Kay M, Slege Lee, RES Turner, Džonass - prod. El Cotola

02-THE GATHERING – Mas Law, Mans1, Monk.E, Slege Lee - prod. 7D

03- MONTRÉAL – Aeme Jaeme, Mas Law, Kay M, Mazzi, Slege Lee, Monk.E, Džonass - prod. El Cotola

04 -FOR THE BBOYS – Slege Lee, Monk.E, Mas Law, Džonass, Kay M, Aeme Jaeme, Big Zoo) - prod. El Cotola, scratchs par Tehu

05-DOMINATION TOTALE - Džonass, Mans1, Mas Law, Monk.E, Slege Lee, Osti One - prod. Fruitz, scratchs par Tehu & Skribe

06-ADVERSE SITUATIONS - Big Zoo, Vice Verses, Osti One, Džonass - prod. El Cotola

07- SPIRITDUALITÉ - Aspect Mendoza, UrbN LogiX, Chacalcolik - prod. El Cotola, scratchs par Skribe

08 - EN SOURIANT – Mas Law, Monk.E, D-Track - prod. 7D, scratchs par Tehu


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