Dirty & D.T.F. -Straight from GNY *maxi 2006*

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Added on: 2012-2-18 by dirty45zoo

2-Bang Bang(DTF).
3- Pourquoi j'spit (Dirty).
4-Storytellin (Dirty & DTF).
5-Jte eat(DTF).
6-Out of order(DTF).
7-Amorado(Dirty ft. Mystic chixx).
8-Bitch pass me the bottle(Dirty ft. Shifty Jay).
9-Jveu quon me lache les baskets (DTF ft. Caly).
10-On apprend de nos erreurs (Dirty & DTF).
11-Thug music(DTF).
12-Stop ou encore?(Dirty ft.Lainesse).
13-Aucun titre(DTF).
14-Si j'meur demain(Dirty).
15-Bonus track: Dans ma ville(Chuck).


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