D-NoK - 2Dope

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Added on: 2017-8-22 by Kushindo

1.No Place (Feat D-NoK MaKs) listen download
2.Parfaite Combinaison (Forever Riddim) Feat D-NoK
3.Way Up (Ft. I-Shenko) {deepest thoughts riddim}
4.Call Me (Ft. King Clipzey) {Call Me Riddim}
5.Profit (Feat D-NoK)
6.Jour De Paye (Feat DynaMik)
7.Everyday Homecide (Feat HUUD)
8.Young Girl (Feat Jay J Mulo)
9.Generation X (Feat X.I.M)
10.Bawwin' (Feat JayJMulo)
11.All About That (Feat X.I.M)
12.Tengo Dinero (Feat D-NoK)
13.Open Roads (Feat X.I.M)
14.Someone Else (Feat Stoney Starr)
15.Fuxking A Lot (Feat FOF) Prod by Nfamous Beatz
16.Real Recognize Real (Feat X.I.M)
17.BadMan (Feat Jay J Mulo)
18.Work (Feat X.I.M)
19.Like That (Feat Laflamme, X.I.M)
20.Immortel (Feat DynaMik)
21.Yuh Body Good (Feat D-NoK)
22.Everywhere We Go (Feat Greezy Deckz) Prod by OGk Beatz
23.Fred Caillou (Feat D-NoK)


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