Frog Squad Vol. 1 RED EDITION (English/Anglais)

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Ajouté le: 2014-10-17 par LeonFaDuFond

1. New Capcity (ft. Yu$$o, O'Neezy, Fysh&Chyp; North The Greatness) [Prod. Jay White]
2. All in A Day (ft. Leon)
3. 4 Her (ft. Leon) [Prod. Jay White]
4. Phone Gettin' Tapped [Prod. Jay White]
5. Believe It (ft. Fysh&Chyp; & Leon)
6. Cleopatra (ft. Ikka) [Prod. Jay White]
7. Downtown (O'Neezy) [Prod. Jay White]
8. Forty (ft. O'Neezy)
9. On The 417 [Prod. Jay White]
10. LCBO (ft. Leon) [Prod. Jay White]
11. Real $hit (ft. O'Neezy & Jurassik) [Prod. Jay White]
12. YEND (ft. O'Neezy & Fysh&Chyp;) [Jay White]
13. You're On My Mind (ft. Leon) [Prod. Jay White]


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