L'usine Volume 1

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Deal - Young Lose (Feat. Myers)
Freestyle #1 - Gino Zokot
Freestyle #2 - Young Lose
Hard Life - JayNoSid
Key Of The Succes - JayNoSid (Feat. Myers)
Lamou Resiprok - Smity Roxx
Male Alpha - Myers
On Dat Work - Myers (Feat. Chocho Loko)
Partout ou ont passent - Young Lose
Plus Qu'une Legende - Myers (Feat. Young Lose)
Ralé mèt ou - Smity Roxx (Feat. Gino Zokot)
Se mwen se yo (Remix) - Gino Zokot
The Plan - JayNoSid (Feat. Myers)
Zak - Young Lose (Feat. Myers)


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